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  Hi, I’m Ken.  I’ve been doing kitchen design for custom cabinetry installations for more than 20 years.  I’m not your typical designer.  I’m an artist, entrepreneur, and craftsman.  I’ve owned an art gallery and a hardware store.  I’ve built homes and been a finish carpenter.  I’m inspired by nature, color, and patterns.  In my free time you might find me biking on woodland paths, painting, or woodworking.  These passions and experiences give me a unique design perspective. 

  My clients will tell you that I translate their ideas into cabinetry designs that make their spaces feel luxurious, homey, comfortable, even efficient.  They appreciate that I can consult with their contractor or advise them if they choose to install their own cabinetry.  I’m easy to work with.  Let’s talk about your project.

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